The lengths shown take into account the width of the plates
We consider the pitch to be the geometric centre between two plates
For a custom unit we consider a pitch of less than 200mm to be too short
1st case: Maximum use of standard lengths
Notice! The plates must be properly oriented. Length A is the length of the main railing - all plates are lined up in the same direction. Along length B, beginning from the second post, the plates are turned 90° with respect to the length A.
2nd case: Making lengths uniform
main packaging units
4 bag/s containing 3 hand-crimp turnbuckles (for wire in length)
*the hand-crimp turnbuckle allows the fixing of the wire which has been cut off to a set length ()
custom main unit for pitch A
bag of cables for A of length
custom main unit for pitch B
bag of cables for B of length
custom main unit for pitch C
bag of cables for C of length
secondary unit
1 Railing side - Linear installation
2 Railing sides - With one corner
3 Railing sides - With two corners
Width A: mm
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